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Study in Italy Free

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Italy – At a Glance


Mediterranean study  covers Italy in its darkest and deepest depths while giving it a boot shape. A lot of interesting things make part of the country that adds in treasure of the world. From delicious pasta to mouth-watering pizza, Gelato to Gorgonzola, Lamborghinis to Ferraris; indeed Italy is the best country to live in. It holds the most colorful history that dates back thousands of years with an insanely interesting past. The more you get into the more you will love it.

Italy is regarded as the friendliest land around the globe having the most welcoming and warm reputation. From fathers who are desperate to flatter while mothers being desperate to feed. The people of the country are so loving and caring at the same time.

Italy for Education

Are you scared of the high costs and never ending expenses? No worries at all!

In the account of pursuing an education career in a foreign country, Italy is indeed the best place to consider. Not the high costs; instead, all free. The most renowned universities such as University of Milan, University of Bologna, University of Rome, University of Turin, Sapienza University and the University of Siena Italy are waiting for you.

Axcore Training Academy will help you make your dream to study abroad true.

Programs Available

From degree programs to foundation courses or diploma, Axcore Training Academy offers you to get enrolled in Bachelors, Masters or even Ph.D. Single subject courses are also available and the best part is each of the courses and program is taught in English.

Don’t worry regarding communication problems. We understand the importance of language you are not familiar with.  But English can address all your worries; you can speak in English and study entirely in English.

Scholarships Available

Are the huge and long, long lists of expenses hinder you to study abroad? We assure you to make all your education entirely free. How?

Your education would be based on complete scholarship programs. No tuition fees at all; all free. In fact, you would be provided with accommodation facility and stipend by the State. All you need to do is to focus on study and leave everything else on us.


Italy food

Is your dream to study abroad is not fulfilled yet because of the hard IELTS test? We have the solution for this as well. No IELTS required at all. However, if you have passed it before then surely it would be a plus point.

Also, another huge problem faced by students, they don’t have the requisite huge amount based bank statement. Instead, by showing a Bank Statement of around $12,000 will sort out this problem as well.

Other than this, we will help you work over student visa more than the usual working hours that are 80 hours per month.

Ready to Study in Italy for free?

You are just a call away from your dream coming true on the path of going Italy to study. Schedule a meeting with our consultant and know all other technical details such as eligibility criteria and documents needed etc. Click below to Apply.

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