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How to make money in 2019?

After reading the topic you can easily recognize that what I am going to talk about. Initially, I classifies the types to make money.

  • Offline Earning.
  • Online Earning.

Offline Earning

It is the oldest method of earning following from the start of earning thought. It is like being employed in any firm with a fixed salary or to do some offline business like a shopkeeper or by holding any firm or company on your own. But concerning our topic I cannot refer this.

Online Earning.

The modern type of earning growing day by day and gives much income then your offline earning. It can either be easiest or the hardest way to earn depends on you. Everyone does not succeed in online earning due to some fake factors or the way of working.

First you have to decide that you want to make money whether in your own business or to work on readymade websites. If you are thinking for the first one then my suggestion is to quit wasting your time in reading my article because I’m going with the second one. The only reason for this is that it’s quite easy, vast and for everyone. If you are still reading this it’s mean you are with me. So welcome to online earning 2k19. Now take a break and think that you want any work to do you want to do any work.

Want any work to do.

If you want any work to do then continue or else skip to the next one. So if you have any special ability in a specific field as an example: If you are a graphic designer, app developer, content writer, teacher, video editor, animator or anything else or you want  to be any of these or want to learn anything else then to me the best option is YouTube free courses and relevant groups on Facebook.

How to?

  • Choose one of these websites.
  • Make a professional CV.
  • Do some sample work.
  • Create a profile on chosen site.
  • Bid 5 to 10 posts daily.
  • Promote yourself on social media.

If you want to work on any other website then go ahead but must check its originality.


Authentication of any earning site could be checked by it’s withdraw method. If the site is paying you from the following methods then it’s authentic.

  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Paytm

Waning:  Some website offers you to earn by clicking/sharing links or by watching ads etc. It will make money not for you but for the website owners. Sometimes they are able to reach your personal information. I’ll suggest you to keep yourself far away from these types of methods.

Want to do any work.

You are still reading its mean you are with me. Great! This is a very vast way to earn and a tie will come when you will get money without working. It requires patience, hardworking and continuity.

First choose a platform to promote your content. I’ll suggest you to use YouTube. It’s the No. 1 search site to search anything in the world. People of every type & age use this platform.

Thereby, if you want to use any other platform then go ahead. Like Dailymotion, Facebook, or But the best is YouTube. You can use these as your promotion. As we are on same way so let’s start the method.

  • First select the topic. (Doesn’t matter its trending or not because your abilities will make it trending.)
  • Make a Gmail Id of the topic and log in to it on YouTube.
  • Choose a relevant unique and understandable name of your channel.
  • Create your own channel.
  • Start making videos of your topic (Make videos that will attract the audience.)
  • Write short and to the point description.
  • Publish videos daily. (Create a collection of 150 to 200 videos on your channel)
  • Make short promotional videos of 30 sec to 1:30 min.
  • Publish the promotional videos on Facebook page or on Instagram, tiktok, like app etc. with your channel link.
  • When you will get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time hours then turn on the monetization and connect it with Google AdSense or Google Ad mob.
  • Make your habit to post at least one video a week.

Note:  Other platforms also have same method.

Warning.  Be aware from the sites like earn by shorten links and etc. Don’t OK or Cancel anything without reading.

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