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Design and Color Psychology

Are you familiar with primary colors, secondary colors and then tertiary ones? Have you ever made or seen the color wheel? Which colors are complimentary of one another in the color psychology ?

How color picker from image can pick the color in Adobe Illustrator CS6 or Photoshop CS6? What sets apart hue from value? Since the art and design world has bulks of terms so it is a bit hard to remember every one of them.

However, it is crucial to understand the meaning and impact of each term, color and answer to the questions asked. Since colors hold significant importance and bring life and appeal to your design.

Thereby, we have put together the significance of each color being found in the color palette in our graphic designing course. So that you can make appealing designs with meaningful impacts.

No matter where you have stuck with the color palette while selecting complementary colors or selecting the finest color scheme for your branding design or web project. You will be provided with all the insights that will help you enhance your design color sense.

Yellow and Red

If you know what is the actual meaning behind colors present in the color wheel, you can make an impactful design. As Yellow spots out easily. And that’s why most school vans color is yellow. So that kids can easily spot out. Apart from this yellow shows freshness, youth, energy, and optimism.

Likewise, red is used for attracting and known for creating drama and passion. It shows strong emotions like love and anger. Do you know usually restaurants color is kept red so that it can attract people to come in? While after some time it irritates them and motivates them to leave. This helps in making stepping in and out easier in the account of restaurants.

Green and Pink

On the other hand, green symbolizes productivity expressing health, growth, life, and nature. However, Pink from the color wheel demonstrates sensitivity, feminity, tranquility, and love.

Blue and Orange

While blue and orange are proven corporate colors. Orange represents encouragement, enthusiasm, and warmth while blue shows trust, integrity, loyalty, and accountability.

Purple and Brown

Purple gives a royal and luxurious appeal while brown demonstrates strength, wholesome and stability.

White and Black

White depicts peace so black shows mystery. Black is a sophisticated and powerful color.

The beautiful color palette holds significant meaning to each color. Thereby, with reference to color psychology, they should be used in designs. Mix and matches of subtle and dark, warm and cool and complimentary colors amplify the overall design appeal. Play with different colors and enhance your designing skills.

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