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Mobile App Development Tools & Platforms

The digital era has contributed to increasing the accessibility and availability through the advent of smartphones. The constant need for up-gradation in mobile applications has resulted in exponential growth in the business of mobile app development.

Why are people interested in Mobile App Development Tools and Platforms?

Apart from business owners, young individuals also have a deep interest in mobile app development tools and platforms. Also because there is a variety of mobile app development software that helps you build a mobile app.

Moreover, another reason why people have an interest in learning mobile app development tools is due to no technical skill/education required. Hence, brief know-how with computer handling can help you crank out a mobile app or web.

Tools and Platforms

With the help of certain effective, easy and simple platforms and tools you can build a mobile app. Here are some of the shared mobile app development tools to help you learn.

  1. Knack – All by Yourself. Build online databases.

Knack is indeed an incredible platform that primarily focuses on the Big Data related solutions. In the account of little data, it is basically a cross between Caspio and Filemaker Pro.

Furthermore, in order to build simple web-based apps, it is surely one of the perfect platform. The functional mechanism of the platform includes customized forms, search and data display breeze.

In addition to this, you can also add and integrate cloud services with the help of Web API or Javascript.

2. Codiqa – With jQuery Mobile Pure HTML5

In case your designing skills are better than your programming capabilities then Codiqa is exclusively for you. It is more or less similar to Tiggzi. However, it possesses a lesser framework of developer focus.

The drag and drop interface of the platform enables easy and fast development of the mobile prototype.

You can design your App exclusively by using HTML components. The best part is you can use without coding.

Some More Effective Platforms

  • PhoneGap – Helps in building mob app through web technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
  • Urban Airship – Helps in improving engagement of customer with options like location-based marketing, push notifications, and analytics.
  • Apache Cordova– For building native mobile applications, this is the most relevant platform. The components involved are CSS, JavaScript, and
  • weejot– Helps in building mobile apps within minutes.
  • Apigee– the forefront API platform for developers and enterprises.
  • jQuery Mobile– For Tablets and Smartphones, it is touch-Optimized Web
  • Buildbox – It is an amazing app for game enthusiasts. It simply allows you to make engaging and user-friendly game apps through drag and drop development tool. No as such expert programming or coding skills.

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